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Renault: The Billion Dollar Gamble

...and the consequences F1 faces if it fails

Having bought back its old team, Renault is struggling to recapture the glory days of the mid-2000s when it stood toe to toe with Formula 1's greats. As the total spend creeps past a billion dollars and the project remains way off track, we ask if this is now an impossible task...

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Inside the issue

Risk and no reward?
Renault’s bid to return to the F1 summit may be destined to fail

Relaxed and happy
Away from the pressure of Ferrari, Kimi Räikkönen opens up

Antonio Giovinazzi
A chat with the Italian about getting a proper crack at F1

Andreas Seidl
The man head-hunted from Porsche to fix McLaren

A way back for Williams?
The revolution that should catapult the team up the grid

Now that was a car
The car that brought success back to Brabham, the BT49

Nigel Roebuck’s F1 heroes
Ricardo Rodríguez, one half of a tragic Formula 1 family

Dutch originals
Stunning Motorsport Images archive shots from Zandvoort

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