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The untold story of Kimi Räikkönen

Exclusive extracts from Kimi’s authorised biography

Nearly 18 years on from his remarkable Formula 1 debut, Kimi Räikkönen remains one of the sport’s most enduring enigmas. Our exclusive extracts from a new authorized biography of Kimi shed new light on this remarkable personality, including never-before-seen photographs and the revelation that “Kimi is still keen on supermarket beer in good company”.

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The unseen Kimi Räikkönen
Exclusive extracts from Kimi’s authorised biography show a different side to the reticent Finn

Kimi: the Sauber move
Why the 2007 world champion has taken a step down the grid

When your face doesn't fit...
Out of a drive for next year, what’s gone wrong for Esteban Ocon?

Into the lion's den
Lando Norris on pressure and making it to F1

Eye on the champion
A photographic essay behind the scenes at Mercedes, with ace snapper Paul Ripke

You ask the questions: Marcus Ericsson
The Sauber driver answers questions from our readers

Stunt driver
Christian Horner tries to get an Aston Martin onto two wheels

History of McLaren
The first part of our new series kicks off with Bruce McLaren and the founding of the team

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